We are a team of lawyers, lawyers, social workers and experienced staff who work together to improve the quality of life for seniors and their families. It has been a pleasure to work with Colleen Bratkovich on a variety of issues affecting my mother, including applying for veterans` benefits. Colleen is professional, easy to talk to and does a great job explaining the information and options available in any case. She quickly answers any questions I`ve had throughout this process. Colleen made the work involved in this process minimal on my side, while keeping in touch with me where we were in the process. I am grateful for their help and feel great stress relief while planning for my mother`s future care and finances. I highly recommend Colleen and her company for all senior care needs. My experience with Christine Brown Murphy has been wonderful. She helped me and my sons through a very difficult time when my husband needed an exceptional placement in a qualified care facility. She and her staff guided us through the myriad of paperwork it took and, with strong legal leadership, gave us much-needed emotional support. I am eternally grateful to Zacharia Brown for guiding us through this nightmare. I recommend Christine and her firm to anyone who needs an older lawyer. She is the best! Professional website: www.pittsburghelderlaw.com/attorneys/carl-zacharia/ With extensive knowledge and experience in elder law and various available programs, Mr.

Zacharia is the published author of the book entitled „Good Long Term Care. How to find, get and pay for it. He has also written several scholarly articles in the Pittsburgh Legal Journal and the Duquesne Law Review. My father had a stroke in 2017. The nursing home where he was admitted neglected him and deliberately submitted his Medicaid papers incorrectly. I was told to go see Zacharia Brown to help me deal with this situation. Carl Zacharia has been a blessing since we first met. He really cares about the well-being of the elderly and I couldn`t have found a better lawyer. My father`s case was settled and he did not have to pay a penny to the nursing home. I am truly grateful to Carl and his cabinet. Check to instantly update business information, respond to reviews and more! We are a specialized law firm focused on the needs of senior seniors. asset preservation planning; eligibility for Medicaid and veterans` benefits; Care Review and Advocacy; and estate planning and administration.

Our integrated, holistic and age-focused approach helps families plan, pay, coordinate and deliver quality care for life. It is the ultimate protection for seniors and their families. We have offices in McMurray, Wexford & McKeesport, PA; and Bradenton & Pompano Beach, FL. Carl is simply the best at navigating the laws surrounding qualified care facilities, Medicare, Medicaid, prepaid funeral expenses, life insurance, and all the other older legal issues. As my aging parents` health deteriorated rapidly and was no longer independent, Carl was there to guide us every step of the way. Carl was always available to answer our questions about the very confusing Medicare/Medicaid laws. Carl is no stranger to local NFCs and Medicaid social workers who helped resolve coverage issues when they occurred. We could never have done it alone.

Carl really reduced our stress levels in an otherwise very stressful situation. Carl also accompanied my mother and stepfather in arranging their prepaid funeral expenses, and recently helped us with my father-in-law`s failing health issues and palliative care/last wishes. I can`t thank Carl enough. As a partner in the law firm of Zacharia Brown P.C., Carl B. Zacharia is an attorney who practices estate planning, senior rights, long-term care planning, and Medicaid planning for married couples and individuals. The law firm has several offices in Pennsylvania and Florida, and operates out of the one in McMurray, Pennsylvania. I was referred to Zacharia Brown by another lawyer and treated very well on my first call. We were referred to Christine Brown, quickly scheduled advice, and in a few short visits, we were able to complete the estate planning needed to protect our family. Very competent, listened to and understood our objectives, communicative throughout the process and very effective in implementation.