Age verification is crucial for certain industries such as gaming or healthcare. Age verification can be done by extracting the date of birth from government-issued ID such as driver`s licenses, birth certificates, scenic cards, KYC documents, etc. Learn more about passport OCR and driving test. Each ID document has its own security features such as watermarks, logos, holograms, and microprints. Verifying that these security features are where they are supposed to be is a solid first step in verifying that the document is genuine. All that is needed is a clear picture of the document to be able to check its security features. With Clerk E-Certify, recipients of government agencies, public institutions, banks, and other institutions can easily authenticate electronic certificates and confirm that documents have not been modified. It is the ideal solution for banks and non-bank financial institutions to reduce costs, effort and errors while improving the overall customer experience. User verification within 30-60 seconds to optimize conversion rates and reduce abandonment. This technology allows instant and real-time verification of documents, including bank account verification, statement verification, proof of address, tax return verification, identity verification, etc. Document review is the process of verifying the authenticity of a document. Officially issued documents such as a driver`s license, bank statement, or other state/federal documents are usually the most accepted and verifiable documents.

The process authenticates document characteristics such as stamps, watermarks, fonts, and supporting materials. In addition, the PII data on the front of the ID is compared to the same data extracted from the machine-readable zone (MRZ) on the back of the document. Authenticate identity documents on autopilot. Save time, effort and money while increasing efficiency! Different companies require different types of document review. For example, banks would require passports, while a ride-sharing app might also only require a driver`s license. Banks may require multiple documents, while an application may require only one document. Depending on the requirements, there are different types of document review, as shown below: Notarize provides an unprecedented way to verify notarial transactions. In standard notaries, paper journal writing serves as the only record of a notarial transaction [although many states do not require a journal at all]. There is no way to simply access the journal entry, ensure that the correct client has executed the document, or verify that the document remains unchanged.

The notary office faces all these challenges. In the second step, the required information is selectively extracted from the documents. With intelligent document processing software such as Nanonets, users can select important information and eliminate all other irrelevant information. DIRO can check all types of documents online. By reviewing online documents directly from source, DIRO provides API-equivalent data to 44,000 banks, 9,000 utilities, and 700 government sources. Online documents such as PDF, Word, Excel, CSV, etc. are converted into a machine-readable JSON file that can be fed into your decision engine for real-time integration. DIRO is the only solution that enables accurate verification of documents online when onboarding customers with coverage in 195 countries. As a first step, the required documents are submitted.

Customers are invited to upload photos or videos of the relevant identification documents in high quality. AI and algorithms analyze the document for information, including encrypted data, and recognize it. Document verification software verifies the authenticity of the document and forged documents. However, if the fake ID passes all the verification filters, it would be difficult to identify the person without a manual verification process. E-Certify is also more secure than traditional certifications because it allows the recipient to verify that the document received is the official copy. Document processing automation tools can be configured and trained in days or weeks instead of months or years. With a lower total cost of ownership, companies can apply automated document processing to a wide range of documents for a faster return on investment compared to traditional tools. Software like Nanonets can deliver up to 3-5x ROI in less than 3 months. Learn more Remote identity verification is performed from anywhere in the world, at any time, for a seamless customer experience AI with deep learning enables rapid document modeling and training, enabling new never-before-processed documents to be added to the document processing system quickly. And with shorter lead times, companies can respond quickly to new opportunities by creating new document processing applications without increasing staff.

Notarize is the first online public notarial service that allows any person or company to legally legalize their documents online. Nanonets are widely used by corporate clients to verify documents on a secure online platform to perform passport verification, identity verification, driver`s license verification, invoice verification, supplier verification, accounts payable automation, etc. It is used to verify the details of the candidate`s current or previous employment.