People who were constantly on their phones (28%), friends suggesting something too expensive (27%) and arguments about the bill (26%) were exposed as the biggest annoyances of the night itself, with embarrassing photos uploaded to social media (20%), too many selfies (15%) and friends bragging about their children (14%). Don`t put too much pressure on yourself to have the time of your life. The more expectations there are, the more opportunities there are for disappointment. I know I`m not the only one who had nights that ended horribly because I cared WAY too much about having fun. A girls` night out is important because girls understand you! When I try to explain to my husband how hard a day I had at work, it`s different to share it with my girlfriends. He will send it back to me and say, „Even I had a hard day`s work. But women will have you because they had the same kind of day and juggled several things. So if you look good, they know you`ve had a rough day, but they always strive to look good for them. No explosive music (that`s what the car ride was for). Choose a corner or place where you can hear each other and have a conversation. There were nights when I literally had a sore throat because I was trying to yell at loud music just to ask the receiving person to repeat me AGAIN. Avoid all this, as it can get boring. Are you planning your next girls` night? Discover the Babe Power fragrance by Missguided, for girls who love their perfume with an extra attitude.

Sharing also means caring. If you buy the right necessities before the game (snacks, wine, etc.), be sure to share the tab or contribute to the evening in some way. No one likes misers. We share the cost of the bottle of wine through the Square Cash app. You can send money directly to your friends` bank account without having to cash out. Open the app, send the amount and BOOM – it`s in your account. As a permanent single woman, girls` nights are basically the bread and butter of my social life. My girlfriends are my elixir of life. Getting ready with your friends was often the funniest part of the night. Turn on your favorite playlist, become a silly, compare outfits and do the most feminine of all time without being judged. Bring a bag with options or borrow your pet`s clothes/accessories.

Because what are friends for? I made a stop in Miami after my trip to Costa Rica and met one of my very good friends, Amy – who is herself a blogger + serious boss. We both work stupidly, don`t take enough time for ourselves and have stopped going out after 9pm for too long (given that we are both still 20 years old). So we decided to throw a girls` night out in Miami, just us – just girls – to have a good time, for the sole reason that we deserved it after a long, hard week. Gal`s Night Out is a great opportunity to tell a team member you just met how much you love them. Here is a summary of our evening, as well as 15 rules for a successful girls` night. You come together and walk together. It`s as simple as that. Yes, it can be a huge bullet pain to try to find that friend who disappeared in a small bar in the basement, but it`s a small price to pay for an evening with your girls.

There`s no better way to end the night than by walking into an open grocery store and dipping your face into melted cheese chips. „As a pioneer of pink gin, we`ve fueled many girls` nights, and we hope our practical tips will help you make your next meeting the spirited success it deserves.“ With new research highlighting the challenges of hosting a party, premium gin maker Pinkster and label authority Debrett have created a modern manual to ensure stress-free evenings. Honestly, as soon as you go with Girls` Night, I don`t want to be with you anymore. MORE: 13 Things That Happen Every Girls` Night PLUS: 10 Conversations You`ve Definitely Had in the Girls` Restroom One night Shopping is never a bad idea and when it turns into a women`s night, it`s even better. If you go shopping with a man, he will always remind you of the time. But your girlfriends will tell you if your legs look big in those jeans or not. They will stay with you while you go crazy, try on each pair of jeans, you shoot in each pair, and then choose the one that fits you perfectly. I would always prefer to go to a place where Rihanna and Beyoncé are played, because for me that defines a certain type of woman. Driving with Mary J Blige and Pink in the car creates the right atmosphere for a fun evening with the ladies.

I have a playlist I call my chick list. Some restaurants do Ladies Nights really well and believe it or not, they all start with I`ll Survive. It`s a song that every girl gets because we`ve all been there. A chic café by day, Playboy Cafe Gurgaon transforms into a lively lounge by night. Its original interiors with golden accents make it an exciting party spot. The drinks menu is a sin, as are signature cocktails like Playboy Sour, Playboy Bunny and Playboy Vodka Chai. The creative menu doesn`t disappoint either. The place also has state-of-the-art audio systems and state-of-the-art visual projection technology. • Code 5 „If I feel like you`re too drunk to function, we`ll leave the party early.“ (We`ll take care of you by spoiling the night later) Thank you to the team at Square Cash for making this night stressful and hassle-free. If you don`t have the app yet, download it here (Apple) or for Android users here. It`s free to download, free to use, free to send money.

They don`t take any commission. You do not need to make a withdrawal. Basically, the best thing there is. 🙂 We shared the taxi + dinner, and Amy sent me her part of the night`s stuff via the Square Cash app. Click, click, send. BOOM. Right there on my bank account. Tonight is about having fun, getting drunk and dancing like idiots. The best nights are those without a plan (and the ones that end up with cheese chips, obvs). But while there`s no way to predict what will happen when you and your friends go out into the night, there are certain rules that everyone knows they can`t break. The funniest, most chaotic and craziest night is always the one you have with your classmates. Fact.

It`s not really a real night unless you`re all crammed into a cramped room, filled with alcohol fumes and hairspray. And yes, a girls` night out doesn`t have to be a night at all! It could also be a day because having fun with your best friends doesn`t have to wait until night. The selfie before going out is anchored in the ritual of a night.