Hello, I complained to the NCR about a judgment that had been registered by a creditor against my name and that I could not obtain for a very long time. I had even complained about Hello Peter before. The lawyers on my credit file say that the account is no longer theirs, but back with the creditor. First of all, I did not know that I had written a judgment against my name, I had never received a subpoena or signed for anything. The only way I found out was when I checked my credit report. I filed a complaint on Hi Peter, no one came back to me either. I didn`t know what to do or who to call because the numbers given to the creditor don`t ring and don`t work. It`s been years since someone contacted me. Then I complained to the NCR, suddenly a company called Numix called me about this debt they had for a few months. The creditor has closed, etc., the amount owed to him has now tripled.

What are my rights as a consumer? Help, please! You will need to report the lawyers and/or lender to the NCR and possibly the Collection Agents Association. Hi, I also agreed to the debt review with this company called {DC FIRM NAME], they said I had to pay R1800 every month, and I paid every month, the other day I went to Old Mutual to find out what my loan balance was, and it was still more than half of the amount I started the debt review with, and the Old Mutual consultant said they had paid Old Mutual a maximum of R900, and sometimes even less. I want to stop and start paying my account myself because it`s the only account I have left. How do I proceed and remove my name from the debt audit? You can find it here: debtfreedigi.co.za/read-the-current-issue-of-debtfree-digi-magazine-online/ How cooperative are they when you ask for a statement of all payments and discuss the matter with them? Do you have a copy of your contract? Have you ever shown the contract to someone (e.g. a lawyer or debt counsellor)? I called Transunion and said there was nothing about my name, only that I am in debt restructuring. Debt review is an effective process for dealing with debt. Our debt review process helps you as an over-indebted consumer with general financial advice and debt restructuring. We work hand in hand with you to protect you against legal proceedings and repossession of movable and immovable property.

Our debt review process involves working with creditors to determine the best and shortest possible time frame to repay your debt. How do I track the PDA used by an expired debt advisor? If you haven`t heard from teljoy in so many years and they haven`t gone to court, then from now on, put „no prejudice“ at the beginning of all emails you send them. Please also use the term „alleged debts“ or „debts you claim exist“. These debts will have been statute-barred (dead) and it would be illegal for them to try to collect them. Hi, I had a debt review this year and the first LMP was paid in July 2017. All my creditors accepted the proposal that was presented to them, and NPDA received payments. My vehicle was up to date and only entered Arear when I started paying NPDA, now they want all the Arear funds that I can`t understand because they get their share. So Standard Bank accepted the proposal and suddenly called me and demanded payment or they will extradite me because std bank terminated the agreement. It`s so frustrating because my debt advisor only says she contacts my creditors but never gives me answers.

I don`t really want to change the debt board because of the huge payment they received from me. Wow, that`s not great. I don`t know if they disclosed these fees to you in advance (it doesn`t seem advisable). I recommend checking if they belong to an association (like DCASA) and try to get help there (if you have never accepted this fee). Alternatively, you can always ask the NCR to help you resolve the issue (which can take years or months.. or weeks), but with your ability to get new debt after talking to them, and your ability to raise an additional R6000, it`s unlikely that you`re actually over-indebted (maybe now that you`ve paid all those fees and everything else), Which means you may not have been eligible for the debt review anyway. Maybe the debt advisor should have issued a 17.2 statement that you are not over-indebted and not a 17.w (just a thought). Are you sure the counsellor you spoke to knows all about the court order and repayment schedule? Have they allocated all the funds? Do they know what other debts you`ve paid off and how your payments change when your other debts are paid off? You mentioned that you only have this debt left, are you 100% sure that the other debts are actually paid and that there were no additional fees or costs on your other debts settled to close these accounts? What does your PDA statement show each month about the amount paid to Old Mutual? If they show a different number than what the advisor told you, then you need to talk to (1) your debt advisor and (2) the PDA.

I started reviewing my debt in 2015 with a company called DCPS, in 2021 they stopped leaving. In August 2021, I paid my accounts and hired a company called Redflagg Consultants to pay them R3500 to remove the September 2021 debt verification indicator. In May 2022, the advisor says that the debt advisor has been blocked by the NCR and demands from me a follow-up final payment in the amount of R2800, I paid it. After that, Redflagg ignores my messages and does not answer my calls. I filed a complaint with the NCR and they said: Hi, I wonder if you can help me. I have been the subject of a debt cheque since March 2015. Until July 2017, I could withdraw all my accounts except my BMW account. On October 25, 2017, I called my debt advisor and asked him to get a settlement offer from BMW. On the same day, he came back to me and told me that the amount of the settlement provided to him by telephone was R26,000. I received the payment on the 27th. October 2017. When we then requested the paid letter so that I could receive my clearance certificate, BMW told me that the invoice would not be paid because the settlement amount indicated by their advisor was contingent on payment of the October instalment (which was due on the 30th).

In essence, they argue that the amount of the settlement after 30 October 2017 would be R26000. I have a number of problems with that. Can you tell us the name of the debt counsellor and the name of the debt advisory firm? Thank you very much. But what do I do from here now. These people are forcing it down my throat right now. I have already received a call from one of the banks telling me that I can no longer use my credit card as an instant messenger under a debt check. Clarification of guilt and limitation period The collection of time-barred claims is now prohibited. No one is allowed. I had a debt review in 2014 and was able to pay off all my debts in July 2018. Now I can`t remember the advisor who gave me a debt review.