Website – www.magnaflow.comAccording to the EO D-193-151, Magnaflow has successfully proven that its cats for the Toyota Prius meet California standards and can legally sell direct and universal catalytic converters for subsequent Toyota and Lexus. Leave the engine light off with the MAGNAFlow California CARB 5631752 direct adjustment catalytic converter. With features such as free-flowing mandrel curved pipes and highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction, you can easily install this spun body converter yourself with the right tools without the need to cut or weld. MagnaFlow`s state-of-the-art measurement department uses the latest 3D scanning systems during research and development, so you can be sure that your new part will fit and function like the original equipment. By replicating the OE-spun body design, the unique laser fusion weld significantly reduces the possibility of leakage, and our compact, low-mass design also enables superior thermal efficiency. This direct-mount catalytic converter was specially developed for the 2004-2009 Toyota Prius and changes with the original 17410-21500 part. The included seals and hardware reduce the possibility of a leak while avoiding the need to reuse corroded factory parts for installation. This spare part is designed to meet or exceed California Air Resource Board requirements and has undergone additional testing to meet CARB guidelines to allow legal use in California and CARB-restricted states for listed vehicles. If you own a Californian Toyota Prius, save yourself the hassle, stay legal, and buy a California CARB approved catalytic converter from the list above. Yes. It is precisely for this reason that I wear all-risk insurance on my Prius.

Call your insurance company and make sure they cover a stolen catalytic converter, but most will. The price increase for this coverage may be much less than you think, and if it is stolen, they can „add up“ the car and give you a check for the total value of the car. This is because OEM catalysts that are so expensive are worth more than the entire Prius in most cases. I would definitely upgrade to all-risk insurance if you live in a place where theft is a problem. Toyota Prius members on report that these cheaper catalytic converters often trigger the engine light on their Toyota Priuses. A display of the verification engine will automatically drop you on your biennial smog. Regardless of this, without a carb-approved EO plate attached to the exhaust pipe, this is also a reason for failure. It is illegal to sell used catalysts in California. If you can`t find a REPLACEMENT CARB-compliant catalyst for the Prius, the law doesn`t allow you to buy a used one. Many catalyst sellers on eBay or Amazon on the aftermarket do not ship their catalyst to California addresses. Your only option might be to go to the Toyota dealership and have them install a brand new OEM CA legal catalytic converter (at a very high cost).

As I explained above, there are other options if you want to do it yourself or if you don`t live in a strict state of smog. If you`re not in California, NY or ME. These are some of the best options for replacement converters if your OEM (original equipment) catalytic converter has unfortunately been stolen. Do you need a REPLACEMENT CARB catalytic converter for your 2009 Toyota Prius? MagnaFlow offers high-quality CARB catalytic converters developed for 2009 Toyota Prius engine sub-models and sizes. We combine efficient design and advanced manufacturing to meet or exceed the emission standards required in California and Colorado. Choose your 2009 Toyota Prius and EFN requirements to purchase the best Prius catalytic converter online that matches your Prius `09 and meets CARB emissions compliance. This means that your car recognizes that the catalytic converter is no longer working properly. If this is the only code your car has stored in its computer and the car is working well, then 9/10 the catalytic converter has just broken down.

However, if you have other problems with your car such as a misfire, you need to fix this problem first before replacing the catalytic converters. This is because the cat removes unburned carbon from the exhaust. If you have a misfire, you are extremely working the catalytic converter, which caused it to fail prematurely. So if you only have one P420 and nothing else is wrong with the car, replace the CAT. Otherwise, pay a store for the diagnosis or do more diagnosis yourself before spending more money. There are some very ingenious ways to protect the cat on your Prius 2004-2009. The first is to install a „shield“ from many manufacturers attached to the bottom of your Prius, preventing thieves from stealing. This is because to get out your catalytic converter, they slide under your car (usually the jack first) and they use a sawzall to cut it out.

With a metal panel set in their way, they should now cut through the panel first to steal your catalytic converter (which causes a lot of noise). A universal replacement, like this magnaFlow California Grade CARB compliant universal catalytic converter, means that if thieves have only stolen the front or rear catalytic converter, you don`t need to buy the entire device and be able to solder it.